What To Do About Graffiti Attacks

What To Do About Graffiti Attacks

Graffiti is an ugly feature of many Massachusetts cities and towns, just like anywhere else in America. A graffiti attack instantly degrades the appearance a building, and the immediate neighborhood. It’s certainly not a good look for customers, especially those who haven’t been to your business before. You will likely not be sympathetic to claims that graffiti is an art form if graffiti vandals target your business premises.

It’s vital to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible, to avoid a repeat of the initial tagging. It is often the case that one graffiti incident is quickly followed by another. Anti-graffiti campaigners know a lot about the problem. They recommend removal of graffiti within 48 hours, before sunlight bakes the paint into the surface, and makes it even more difficult to remove.

Business property insurance typically provides coverage for vandalism at your business premises. If you arrive at work one morning to find your building has been tagged, you should call your insurance agent to report it, ask for instructions about what to do next, and get the insurance claims process started. If your building has been a frequent target for taggers, you might want to think about having anti-graffiti coatings applied to protect walls and other surfaces, to avoid further graffiti.

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