Few people enjoy the unknown. Fewer still enjoy being involved in accidents.

If you’ve been involved in an accident – or feel you need to file a claim – please feel free to either call us or submit an online claim form. An agent will contact you shortly.

Call the office at 413.584.5610 and follow the phone prompts.

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

Emergency Services, Repair & Restoration

Emergency Fire and Water Restoration

Quality Cleaning and Restoration
413-774-7737 | website

Baystate Restoration Group
855-532-3473 | website

Complete Restoration
877-490-4277 | website

Lilly’s Restoration
413-213-3980 | website

Auto Glass Repair

A&R Auto Glass

Glass America

JN Phillips
413-586-4600 | 800-368-9313

Safety Insurance
617-951-0600 | 1-800-951-2100 | website

The Andover Companies
800-225-0770 | website

Liberty Mutual
800-921-2335 | website

Travelers Insurance
800-252-4633 (Individuals) | 800-238-6225 (Business) | website

The Concord Group
800-852-3380 | website


Merchants Insurance Group
800-462-1077 | website

The Main Street America Group
877-425-2467 | website

Foremost Insurance Group
800-274-7865 | website

877-922-9701 | website



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