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King & Cushman, Inc. is a full-service independent insurance agency providing all your personal and business insurance needs.

When you select an insurance agency, you are choosing a company to protect your future. Your decision is as important as what you are seeking to protect… your car, your home, your possessions, your life. At King and Cushman, providing you with insurance is more than just a job to us–it’s a responsibility to safeguard you, your family and business.

Obtaining insurance at King and Cushman begins with a series of key questions about your assets and your needs. We explain the options available to you so that you can make informed decisions about your insurance coverage. Let us put our three generations of experience to work for you.

As an independent insurance agent, King and Cushman represents many quality insurance companies–each with different specialties. We do a price and coverage comparison, and based on your needs, select the insurance company that’s appropriate for you. At King and Cushman, every customer receives the best coverage at the best price available.

Our service doesn’t end when you buy a policy, it continues around the clock from claims through renewal. We’ll review your coverage and, if your situation or needs have changed, we’ll advise you when we think you should update your policies. The true test of any insurance agency is how it handles claims. Knowledge, proper coverage, competitive prices, and responsive service, is how we provide a policy of protection.

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